How One Apartment-Style Hotel in Melbourne Breaks from the Norms

Apartment Hotels are widely admired for their practicality and other inherent features, but they do not always come first to mind for travelers who seek unique experiences. While it is true that many such hotels are aimed at business-minded guests who do not expect much more than some space to stretch out, that is not necessarily always the case.

One apartment hotel in Melbourne, for example, recently received a glowing review for the way it couples the usual features of this class of establishment with a whole lot of personality and character. In other words, it is possible to have the best of both worlds, at least for those travelers who know where to look.

Boutique-Style Service, Elegance, and Positioning with the Practicality of an Apartment

Many travelers who choose to stay in apartment-style hotels, it must be admitted, plan to spend some time in the area and simply want a place that feels a bit like home while seeing to business. There are plenty of others, however, who hope to relax and enjoy an interesting city or other destination and would prefer to do so from a base that lives up to a number of higher standards. The apartment hotel in Melbourne, which not long ago attracted the attention of one reviewer, does so in respects including:

Location. Quite a few hotels aimed at business-minded travelers occupy properties some ways off the well-beaten track. This sometimes enables their owners to offer more spacious, apartment-style lodgings at prices that will not raise eyebrows when expense accounts are assessed. On the other hand, an apartment hotel that stands in an enviable spot in Melbourne’s Central Business District can be not only perfect for those with commercial goals but also appealing to travelers intent on leisure.

History. Many hotels that serve mostly business-focused clients have only been standing for a couple of decades at most. Once again, this can be acceptable, but there are other options that can contribute to a more interesting experience. The hotel that received such a positive review from one respected authority, for example, occupies a stately building constructed in the nineteenth century. With its facade and external lines being every bit as beautiful as its interior, this is an establishment that few will forget.

Going Far Beyond What Most Travelers Expect

It is understandable that so many think of apartment-type hotels as being generally practical places to stay with, typically, little character or anything else of interest. In practice, though, it is very much possible to provide this frequently desirable style of accommodation in ways that make for memories and not merely shelter.


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